Kayla Larkin

Youth Engagement Coordinator

Phone: 902-892-5314
Fax: 902-368-7464
Email: youth@ncpei.com

Hello my name is Kayla Larkin. I am an Ojibway Cree women from Winnipeg Manitoba. I moved to PEI with my mother and grandmother and 5 siblings in 1994 and my father came ahead of time to set up our new life on the Island. I first got involved with the Native Council when I was 6 years old. I still remember the very first time I attended something at the Native Council we were making masks of our faces. I continued to attend events that were age appropriate. As I got older I was able to attend more, one thing I got involved with was the Native Council Youth 4H Club where we meet each week and even attended the Old Home Week in the Rabbit shows. I made my way up stay involved and soon enough was Youth Board of Director. Today I am 29 with a 9 Month old baby Girl I live in Zone 3 with my partner Mike, Daughter Mia, Cat Conwaykitty and 2 bunnies Jack and Scrunchy.