Kent Bruyneel

Political Advisor

(902) 892-5314


Kent Bruyneel holds a BBA at the University of Prince Edward island; and a Masters of Publishing from Simon Fraser University. He is also a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA, CMA). Prior to moving to PEI in 2016, Kent worked throughout Canada in the creative and cultural industries and the financial sector. His work spanned publishing, strategic communication, creative design, management consulting, marketing, social media, education and film. Since 2001, he has published Forget Magazine, one of the oldest and most influential literary magazines on the internet. In addition to being the Political Advisor for NCPEI, he is a course designer and instructor for the Faculty of Business at the University of Prince Edward island. He has also advised many politicians, businesses and non-profits on strategy, content and messaging; and edits many of the leading literary writers in Canada. He lives in Charlottetown with his inimitable wife Shannon; their beautiful son Andre; their two intrepid and powerful daughters Georgia and Willa; and a large, loveably dopey dog named Gus.