Lisa Cooper

President and Chief

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President & Chief


Lisa Cooper is a direct descendant of the Mi’kmaq Peoples of Prince Edward Island. Among other degrees and designations, Ms. Cooper holds a Master of Education; a Bachelor of Education; and a Bachelor of Arts, all from the University of Prince Edward Island. Ms. Cooper was a substitute teacher within the Eastern School District in PEI before being employed with NCPEI as their Director of Operations and held this position until her successful election as President & Chief in 2015. 

She is a strong advocate of Indigenous rights and is on a number of Indigenous Boards including Nanegkam Housing Corporation, L’nu Fisheries Limited, Maritime Aboriginal Peoples Council, Congress of Aboriginal Peoples, Urban Aboriginal Knowledge Network, New Brunswick Aboriginal Peoples Equity Fund, and University of Prince Edward Island President’s Indigenous Advisory Council whereby she advocates for the rights, interests and needs of her community and membership.

She is the proud mother of four children and two grandchildren. She has had a long history with the Native Council of PEI and attributes her leadership abilities to her parents, who have both held the position of Vice-President early on in NCPEI’s history, and to her own personal experience growing up in the Native Council as a youth member, board of director, and then Director of Operations.