** Sample Webform **

This is a sample webform for you to fill out and see how webforms work. Most webforms require you to be logged in, but this one will be available for everyone. You can enter any information you wish here, true or false; the submissions and all of its contents will not be used in any way. We would also appreciate any feedback you could provide to make these forms easier for you to use.

Sample Personal Information
This "box" indicates that the fields inside are somehow related to one another. Some boxes, like this one, can be collapsed or minimized by clicking on the name.
This is a text field for you to enter some text, like your name. The red asterisk or star by the name indicates that this is a required field, and you must fill it before you can submit.
This is a similar field to the one above. However, it only accepts numbers between 1 and 100 with no decimals.
Another text field, this one only accepting email values.
These are called radio buttons, based on the old radios that allowed only one button to be pushed at a time.
This is a drop down list, allowing for only one selection like radio buttons. Note that this is a required field, and you will encounter an error if you keep it at the default value.
Checkboxes allowing for more than one option to be selected
You can select a date from the drop down lists, or click the calendar icon besides the date to bring up a calendar. Some forms have the option of using a text field for the year instead of the drop down list.
You can upload a file here for us to view. We've limited this file upload to images (.gif, .jpg, .png) less than 100KB. When uploading files, try to keep your file name unique and describing the file.
This is a bigger text box for you to enter your information in. We have also filled it with a default value, which we may do for some fields on our webforms.
This question is to prove you are a human visitor and prevent automated spam submissions.