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Elders Empowering Elders

native council of pei - elders empowering elders
The Elders Empowering Elders program engages the knowledge-keepers of NCPEI and discusses a variety of topics relevant to this group. The goal of EEE is to provide programming designed by Elders for them to enjoy with each other.

The EEE program is offered once a month in each of the three zones, allowing for easier access to all members. The programming promotes three key factors: healthy living/disease prevention, social activity to reduce isolation, and cultural activities to keep Elders connected to traditional teachings.

Some of the programming held so far includes a painting session instructed by an Elder member, and a foot care session. Future programming will be discussed in upcoming sessions to determine what activities are desired by the group.

For more information, contact:
Membership and Elder Support Coordinator
Jody Jesso
Phone: (902) 892-5314