Programs and Services

Rainbow Project

The Rainbow project is centered around the inclusion and safety of Two-Spirited and 2SLGBTQ+ members of the Indigenous community. It advocates against any marginalization, discrimination, and oppression within PEI’s Indigenous community and the Island community at large.

The goal of this project is to promote tolerance for all gender identities and sexual orientations, and not only grow acceptance, but also help fellow Islanders feel secure in these members’ identities and be able to stay connected within the Indigenous culture.

NCPEI’s Rainbow Project aims to expand the ability to provide informed support to Two-Spirited and Indigenous LGBTQ+ individuals through outreach and community engagement initiatives. This helps to improve inclusivity within the community and in all the services and programming NCPEI offers. The 2SLGBTQ+ monthly group meetings serve two main purposes. The first is to provide Two-Spirit and Indigenous LGBTQ+ individuals with the support needed, as well as the opportunity to support one another.

Secondly, the meetings are there to facilitate mutual learning among its members. The group meeting discussions cover a wide array of topics relevant to the membership, including how NCPEI can best provide support. NCPEI is committed to providing safe, inclusive spaces for all members of the NCPEI community.

Two-Spirit Coordinator
Phone: (902) 629-1541