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Retrieving Our Stories

native council of pei - retrieving our stories
Retrieving Our Stories is a project that reaches out to NCPEI membership, particularly the Elders, with the goal of compiling stories on the journey of how NCPEI came to be. NCPEI is looking to fill out the story of its history, from its inception back in 1975, up until the present day.

The stories are collected in a variety of ways, whether it be done in person with a voice or video recorder, online, or by telephone interviews. Some of the questions that are asked include; “Why did NCPEI advocate for off-reserve representation in the first place?”, “In the beginning, what were some of the key challenges as an off-reserve Indigenous person?”, “Is there any photos, newspaper articles, songs, teachings, letters or stories that could be shared with NCPEI?” among many others that arise throughout the process of these conversations.

The end result of Retrieving Our Stories is to compile the history and memories of the membership of NCPEI into a book and documentary video. The hope is to create a positive ripple effect, within this process, and build a deeper sense of belonging, connection, and community.

Retrieving Our Stories Coordinator
Phone: (902) 629-1541