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Strengthening Aboriginal Families Effectively (SAFE)

native council of pei - SAFE - strengthening aboriginal families effectively
The SAFE program assists Indigenous families living off-reserve to help strengthen the relationship between parents and children involved in Child and Family services. SAFE works with families and caregivers of Indigenous children in care, or at risk of going into care, through culturally sensitive programming and parenting supports.

SAFE, with the help of service providers, connects clients to needed services. NCPEI evaluates the needs and requirements of each person individually, develops a case plan, and manages that case plan while helping to strengthen the family unit.

By providing advocacy for the parents and children, NCPEI hopes to help prevent the number of Indigenous children that go into care and help support high-risk families with children.

SAFE offers many different programming options such as regular meetings with non-Indigenous caregivers to provide cultural teachings and support, parenting classes, home visits, advocacy and support in navigating the Child and Family Services system, supporting youth who are aging out of the care of Child and Family Services and a community kitchen promoting healthy eating on a budget.

Counselling services are also offered as needed.

SAFE Coordinator
Phone: (902) 892-5314