Elders Empowering Elders

native council of pei - elders empowering elders

The Elder Support program works to continuously engage the knowledge-keepers of NCPEI while also providing essential aid and assistance to Elders in need. The objectives of this community-based project are to deliver opportunities surrounding volunteerism, mentoring, Elder abuse awareness, and social
participation and inclusion. This program offers monthly meetings in each of the three zones, allowing for easier access to all Elder members. The Elder Support Program promotes three key factors: healthy living and disease prevention, social activity to reduce isolation, and cultural activities to keep Elders connected
to traditional teachings.

Activities such as gathering for cultural teaching, games nights, and traditional activities from cooking to drumming will be offered. In addition, two larger gatherings will be organized, at the mid-point and the end of the program, where participants from all Zones can come together to share cultural activities. This
project will serve to provide seniors within the off-reserve Indigenous community the social and cultural activities they need to increase inclusion and cultural competency. In addition, it is anticipated that, once the project is complete, many seniors will have formed bonds through their shared experiences and will
continue to meet on their own.

In addition to programming, the Elder Support Coordinator works with the Elder Representative to facilitate monthly Elder Council meetings.

For more information, contact:
Membership and Elder Support Coordinator
Phone: (902) 892-5314
E-mail: capacity2@ncpei.com