MHRT: Mobile Harm Reduction Team

The Mobile Harm Reduction Team (MHRT) uses culturally sensitive harm reduction strategies to address the immediate needs of off-reserve Indigenous people struggling with additions.

The goal of the MHRT is to reduce potential overdoses, transmittable diseases, sickness, and hunger by providing hygiene products, food, shelter (tents), blankets, clothing, and referrals. In partnership and collaboration with existing partners throughout PEI, the MHRT aims to address existing gaps in services
and increase client support through provincial programming.

The MHRT Coordinator works regular hours in-house while the outreach workers work from 3:00pm to 11:00pm Wednesday through Sunday. The MHRT outreach workers consist of a two-person, gender diverse, mobile team that provides harm reduction strategies to those in need while connecting them to the wide-range of programs through NCPEI and others to ensure wrap-around care.

The outreach workers provide training to clients on the symptoms of overdose and proper administration of Naloxone. Clients are also provided with basic needs to reduce exposure, bloodborne diseases and hunger. The outreach workers are equipped to provide clean needles, Naloxone, blankets, tents, basic
clothing, snacks, first-aid supplies, antibiotic cream, and referrals to existing services/programs.

For more information, contact:
MHRT Coordinator
Phone: (902) 629-1541