A Path Forward- Addictions and Mental Health Support

A Path Forward provides off-reserve Indigenous peoples in PEI an innovative approach to individual and group treatment recovery plans. It does so by creating land-based culturally sensitive activities that support and assist those who are looking to overcome problematic drug and substance use and/or abuse.

A Path Forward supports and educates using harm reduction strategies for off-reserve Indigenous peoples in PEI. This is to ensure group and personal safety, empowerment, and support. A Path Forward hosts education and awareness sessions on the needle exchange program, accessing and administering Naloxone, current trends in street drugs, as well as many other topics as requested by the group.

Individual treatment plans are created to help identify triggers and develop strategies to overcome them. A Path Forward examines techniques that are used to reduce stress and help avoid negative behaviors that lead to substance abuse. The individual treatment plans as well as group activities listed below are designed to increase self-awareness, self-image, and self-worth.

Participants of the program have access to weekly cultural healing activities in each of NCPEI’s three Zones. Ceremonies and activities may include hand drum making, smudging, sweat lodge ceremonies, and land-based healings such as medicine walks, meditation, and more. Weekly Circles of Support are available for all clients including those participating in Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. The program also offers referrals to mental health and addiction counselling, individualized case planning, follow up, and aftercare

Addiction and Mental Health Coordinator
Phone: (902) 892-5314
E-mail: amhap@ncpei.com

Addictions and Mental Health Cultural Coordinator
Phone: (902) 892-5314
E-mail: amhap2@ncpei.com