Retrieving Our Stories

native council of pei - retrieving our stories

The stories are collected using a variety of methods including in-person voice and/or video recordings, telephone interviews, and various online communication methods. Some of the questions that are asked include: “Why was there a need for NCPEI to advocate for off-reserve representation?”, “What are the problems encountered by those living off-reserve?”, “What is the story regarding your involvement with NCPEI and do you have any photos or materials to share?”. Of course, many other questions are prompted throughout the process of these conversations and interviews. Participants are encouraged to share mementos including pictures, letters, newspaper clippings, etc.

The final goal of the Retrieving Our Stories program is to compile the history and memories collected from the members of NCPEI into a book and documentary video. The expectation is that these materials will be accessible to all NCPEI members and help build a deeper sense of belonging and connection amongst community members.

Retrieving Our Stories Coordinator
Phone: (902) 629-1541