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The Way Forward

native council of pei - the way forward
The Way Forward program is a 30-hour weekly training program designed for off-reserve Indigenous youth aged 15 to 30. The program is tailored to the needs of youth who are facing barriers to employment.

Indigenous youth face unique situations when it comes to barriers to employment and The Way Forward program is specifically designed to help with this by providing culturally specific supports and services to its participants.

The Way Forward program provides a range of activities that help develop essential skills for the workplace as well as skills that can be applied to everyday life. Once these skills have been developed, NCPEI works with the participants on career exploration and narrows down what the personal interests are along with the line of work that would be suitable for each candidate.

The program provides participants with 12 weeks of in-class group/individual learning activities that are oriented around building the skills listed above to develop career plans. Following the in-class sessions, The Way Forward provides participants with 12 weeks of On-the-job training to build up work experience and can provide employers with wage subsidies to help with the training processes.

The Way Forward Coordinator
Phone: (902) 892-5314