Welcome to the Native Council of Prince Edward Island (NCPEI).  The Native Council of Prince Edward Island is a Community of Aboriginal People residing off-reserve in traditional Mi'kmaq territory. NCPEI is the self governing authority for all off-reserve Aboriginal people living on Epekwitk (PEI).

~ Vision ~

The vision of the NCPEI is to have a strong political and structured organization that can deal effectively with other Governments, pursue renewal, while expanding some of its current activities. The NCPEI will be strong in its economic development capacity to develop business, tourism, and services for the organization and its members. The NCPEI will establish social activities which nurture Aboriginal identities, Aboriginal excellence in sports, as well host culturally sensitive programs for children, youth, adults, and Elders. The NCPEI regards both traditional and contemporary activities as beneficial.

~Holding on to Our Future~ 




Latest News

CAP Political Accord Press Release

Press Release - Poverty Reduction Action Plan release

Indigenous women who have witnessed/experience abuse survey

Anonymous survey online at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/NCPEIActingout  or paper surveys available at the office which will/can be sealed and placed in envelopes in a box behind the reception desk.  

About the survey:

NCPEi is working with Indigenous women who have witnessed/experience abuse to create a theatrical show of how this impacts their lives with a FOCUS on traditional Mi’kmaq culture and how it is being used to help women through the healing process – eg. Drumming, dance, seven sacred teachings, etc.


For more information contact Sherri-Lee 9024329339, acting@ncpei.com, Lynn Bradley or Sarah Jackson

Colten Boushie Case - Press Release

Open Letter to Wade MacLauchlan

“This open letter concerns the path the Provincial Government has taken in their policy actions that discriminates against the Native Council of PEI (NCPEI) and the off-reserve Status and Non-Status Mi’kmaq community members by narrowly referencing only the Van der Peet case referenced by the Executive Council of the Province in the letter attached. This letter also serves to clarify the rhetoric that has been reiterated again and again by the First Nation Chiefs and the Mi’kmaq Confederacy of PEI on their claim to ‘represent and service’ the Status and Non-Status Mi’kmaq residing off-reserve in PEI.”

Click on the link below for the complete letter.

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