Welcome to the Native Council of Prince Edward Island (NCPEI).  The Native Council of Prince Edward Island is a Community of Aboriginal People residing off-reserve in traditional Mi'kmaq territory. NCPEI is the self governing authority for all off-reserve Aboriginal people living on Epekwitk (PEI).

~ Vision ~

The vision of Native Council of Prince Edward Island is to have a strong political and structured organization that can deal effectively with other Governments, pursue renewal, while expanding some of its current activities. The Native Council of Prince Edward Island wishes to become strong in its economic development capacity to develop business, tourism, and services for the organization and its members. The council would also like to establish social activities which nurture forth Aboriginal identities, Aboriginal excellence in sports, as well as cultural sensitive programs for children, mother, youth, adults, and Elders. The Native council of Prince Edward Island regards both traditional and contemporary activities as beneficial.

~Holding on to Our Future~

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BINGO this Thursday October 23rd - Lennox Island



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Important information for Members regarding flu shots

Get the Flu Shot, Not the Flu

Fall/Winter 2014-2015

Flu vaccination clinics will start in mid-October and are being held in various communities across the province, with some extended hours available as needed.

A centralized toll-free phone number and booking system are in place to make it easier for Islanders to schedule an appointment.  To receive the vaccine in a community nearest you, please call 1-855-354-4358 (4FLU) to schedule an appointment.  The line will be operational beginning on Monday, October 6, 2014. 

For more information on Prince Edward Island's flu vaccination program, visit www.gov.pe.ca/flu



The preceding information was found at http://www.healthpei.ca/fluclinics

See PEI Government press release below:

For Immediate Release
October 3, 2014

Protect yourself, your family and the community: get the flu shot.

CHARLOTTETOWN, PEI -- Everyone over the age of six months should get the flu shot every year says Health and Wellness Minister Doug Currie.

“Vaccination is recognized as the single most effective way of reducing the impact of influenza, especially for those most at risk of complications,” said Minister Currie. “We encourage all Islanders to get vaccinated as this is your best defense against the spread of the influenza virus to yourself, your family and your community.”

The vaccine is provided free of charge by the Department of Health and Wellness although a small administration fee may be charged by some providers. Those aged 65 and older, children aged 6-59 months, pregnant women and household contacts of pregnant women, and those who identify as Aboriginal will not be charged an administration fee at the HPEI public influenza immunization clinics and at some physician’s offices. Pharmacies may also administer vaccines this year, to Islanders over five years of age, and will not be charging an administration fee to higher risk people as listed above.

“Seasonal influenza, commonly called the flu, is a contagious respiratory virus,” says Chief Public Health Officer, Dr. Heather Morrison. “With influenza season approaching, it is important to take the necessary steps now and throughout flu season to help protect yourself against influenza. Wash your hands often, cough or sneeze into your sleeve, stay home if you are sick and, most importantly, get immunized against influenza.”

Influenza immunization clinics will begin operating in the middle of October in various locations across the province. Public Health Nursing will take calls for appointments beginning on Monday, October 6. At that time, Islanders can call1-855-354-4358 (4FLU) to make an appointment to get your annual influenza vaccine. You can also contact your local pharmacist, family physician or nurse practitioner. For more information go to www.gov.pe.ca/flu

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Press Release - Native Council of Prince Edward Island calls on Government to recognize Treaty Day

The Native Council of Prince Edward Island

For Immediate Release

October 3rd, 2014

The Native Council of Prince Edward Island calls on Provincial and Federal Government to recognize the Peace and Friendship Treaty of 1752, citing that understandings are not inclusive.

Charlottetown, PEI – President and Chief, Jamie Thomas of the Native Council of Prince Edward Island, after returning from the Treaty Day Ceremonies in Halifax Nova Scotia is seeking inclusion and recognition for non-status and off reserve Aboriginal Peoples in Prince Edward Island.

" The Nova Scotia Government recognizes the importance of Mi'kmaq Treaty Day, it's time to call upon our Government to do the same. Such recognition could only strengthen the cherished relationship between the Provincial Crown and off reserve status, non-status and Aboriginal residents of Prince Edward Island."  Explains Mrs. Thomas.

Treaty Day is a time for gathering, reflection and celebration for Mi'kmaw people and Canadians alike. The first Treaty Day was declared and set to be celebrated one year after the Supreme Court of Canada upheld the Peace Treaty of 1752 during a ruling in 1985, it was originally signed by Jean-Baptiste Cope and Governor Peregrine Hopson. This special day would honour the original intentions and recognitions of the cooperative relationship between the Mi'kmaq people and the Crown.

 " We are seeking the same recognition and rights, to be enjoyed by the First Nations people of Prince Edward Island, as the Treaty of 1752 guaranteed to our forefathers. Currently, we have no funded or sponsored advocacy collective to represent our Aboriginal off-reserve membership. Our voices are not heard in governmental, educational, financial and environmental negotiations and round table discussions. There are other entities out there, here and on the mainland,  that are funded to speak on behalf of First Nations people and to represent them in consultations but these entities exclude off reserve Aboriginal peoples. " States Mrs. Thomas.

" In representing the off-reserve status, non-status and Métis persons of all Aboriginal ancestry living on Prince Edward Island, I call on all levels of government for fair and inclusive representation of all Aboriginal people during consultations, starting with a Provincial Government recognition of Treaty Day. Our Ancestors fought for these treaties and for fair representation with the Crown, those Ancestors include mine and many of the Native Council of Prince Edward Island ancestral descendants who are now in our membership." further explains President and Chief Jamie Thomas.

The Mi'kmaq Grand Council plays an important role in the recognition of Treaties. These Treaties, including the Peace and Friendship Treaty of 1752, that were signed by the Mi'kmaq Grand Council, to represent the Mi'kmaw people. The Mi'kmaq Grand Council, known in Mi'kmaw as the Sante' Mawi'omi, is the traditional authority for the Territory known as Mi'kma'ki, encompassing 7 maritime districts for over five centuries.

" Treaty day was great this year. However I really believe that it has to be more inclusive of all the Mi’kmaq people of Mi’kma’ki, and not just Nova Scotia. We have to ensure that it does not become a made in Nova Scotia event. Having said that, the Off –Reserve, Mi’kmaq People’s organizations like the Native Council of PEI, and the Aboriginal Congress of New Brunswick, as well as the Native Council of Nova Scotia should also be invited to play a role in this important event, as well as helping to fund the event. All Mi’kmaq people are beneficiaries of the Treaties not just those who live on Reserves." Explains Keptin John Joe Sark of the Mi'kmaq Grand Council.

Recognition of  the Treaties and respect, thereof is vital to the preservation of the Mi'kmaq culture. These agreements paved the way for progress in North America and were intended to protect the Mi'kmaq way of life. Celebrating and honouring these Treaties is part of our Canadian heritage, for all Canadians. The Native Council of Prince Edward Island eagerly seeks a response from the Province of Prince Edward Island in discussing this recognition to increase awareness and understanding for all Islanders.

Andrew Sark,                                                                                                                                    

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The Native Council of Prince Edward Island represents off-reserve status, non-status and Métis persons of all Nations living on Prince Edward Island.

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Native Council of PEI Hosts Town Hall Meeting to discuss programs

Members were treated to snacks and coffee while staff of the Native Council of PEI presented information on current programs and operations. We look forward to and welcome the opportunity to reach out to our membership, we are here for them and thier feedback.

Update from Treaty Day in Halifax

Ceremonies are going great, and its wonderful to catch up with old friends. Please see pictures from the opening ceremonies followed by the Flag Raising Ceremony, live from Halifax Nova Scotia during the Treaty Day Ceremony.