Welcome to the Native Council of Prince Edward Island (NCPEI).  The Native Council of Prince Edward Island is a Community of Aboriginal People residing off-reserve in traditional Mi'kmaq territory. NCPEI is the self governing authority for all off-reserve Aboriginal people living on Epekwitk (PEI).

~Holding on to Our Future~

Latest News

Fasting Ceremony at Keptin John Joe Sark's this weekend !

2146 Fort Augustus Road, Johnston's River - September 20th-21st, 2014

There will be a Fast starting tomorrow afternoon and ending Sunday after noon. It will start at 2:30 PM on Saturday and end at 2:30 PM on Sunday. We will start and End with a Sweat lodge ceremony.

Everyone is required to bring their own tents, and set them up before we do the sweat ceremony, because everyone will go directly to their tents or shelter after the Sweat.

There is a helping out fee of  $20.00 per person.

Bathroom and change facilities are on site.

Looking forward to seeing everyone there,

Keptin John Joe Sark


Portraits of the First Nations - October 5th

Portraits of the First Nations


This exhibition of portraits of Mi'kmaq people honours the First Nations. In this days

of celebration of a new nation, we thought it was also important to celebrate the First

Nations. To accompany the photography and painting, a text from Keptin John Joe

Sark will also figure in the exhibition. It is a letter written to Prince Charles on the

occasion of his visit for the 150 years of the first meeting for Confederation. The letter

reminds the Prince of the actual situation of the Mi'kmaq peoples and their position

in relation to Confederation meeting.


The photographic work consists of portraits taken in 2009, 2012 and 2014 at the

Panmure Island Pow Wow. Some images are printed on metallic paper to recall the

Daguerreotype, the first photographic printing process. Te poses and portrait are

somewhat a homage to Edward Curtis, nineteenth century photographer, who went

among first nations peoples to document their homes, dwellings and took many

portraits as well.


An installation/projection with film and stills from the Pow Wow celebration will

accompany the lecture of John Joe Sark's text.


Paintings by Joan Cullen evoke the geographic and symbolic space of the Mi'kmaq

land of Abegweit, Ile St Jean or Prince Edward Island.

This will be shown at Cullen Cruchet Artworks Gallery

 58 Pine St, Brackley Beach

tel: 902-213- 1575


The opening and a Ceremony by Keptin John Joe Sark will be the 5th of October

2014 from 2 to 5 pm and will run to October 17

Attached Files:
J. Elmer and Elise Hynes award, valued at $1500
Upcoming student award at UPEI.
It is the J. Elmer and Elise Hynes award, valued at $1500, it will be granted this fall to a first year OR returning, full time, undergraduate, First Nations student at UPEI.
Application guidelines as follows;
- Actively involved with their community
- Good academic record
- Demonstration of leadership qualities
- 1 page (or close to it!) personal essay outlining the above and how/why else the applicant feels they qualify for this award.
- Resume
- Letter of reference
Application deadline is Oct. 1st  Any questions, just call or e-mail.  Students are welcome to drop by and see me as well if they need or want help/info on this award.  I'm located in Room 236 Kelley Bldg.
For more information contact Sherri
Aboriginal Academic Advisor
Webster Academic Services
University of Prince Edward Island

Vision Session


One hundred and fifty years ago, 23 men met for the Charlottetown Conference that led to Canadian Confederation. Visions of Canada began before them and continue since.

The women’s organizations that planned A Bold Vision want to celebrate the historic accomplishments of the Charlottetown Conference and acknowledge that in 1864 the voices and experiences of women, Aboriginal peoples, and many more were excluded from the formal discussions.

We asked what would a vision for Canada look like that includes the voices and experiences of women from across Canada?

On the final day of A Bold Vision conference, we invite members of the public, women and men, girls and boys, to attend a historic public session with the 23 visionaries.

Join twenty-three Canadian women from every province and territory, leaders in many fields — from human rights to climate change, from business law to rocket science as they share their collective vision for the country. They will share their unique ideas about how that vision can be achieved, drawn from their personal vision papers, their conference experience and interaction with other visionaries.

You can expect to hear audacious imagination, seriousness and hope as the 23 diverse women visionaries set forth their visions for the next 150 years — to include peace, friendship, reconciliation, justice, equality, equity, solidarity, community, collaboration, good governance, and more.

This event will also formally launch A Bold Vision anthology, a collection of essays, interviews, poems and artwork. Books will be on sale for $22.95+tax.


Youth program to continue under volunteer Board Director

We are pleased to announce that one of our Board of Directors here at the Native Council of PEI, has volunteered to take over the former CCAY youth program. Richard Cooper will host a youth program here at the Charlottetown office in place of the old Cultural Connections Youth Program. Richard will also maintain the youth facebook page and a website tab will be launched soon. For more information on youth activities please contact Mr. Cooper by email at richardcooper@ncpei.com. please note that in light of this change and the expiry of CCAY funding, we have retired the old youth program email, youth@ncpei.com.