Welcome to the Native Council of Prince Edward Island (NCPEI).  The Native Council of Prince Edward Island is a Community of Aboriginal People residing off-reserve in traditional Mi'kmaq territory. NCPEI is the self governing authority for all off-reserve Aboriginal people living on Epekwitk (PEI).

~ Vision ~

The vision of Native Council of Prince Edward Island is to have a strong political and structured organization that can deal effectively with other Governments, pursue renewal, while expanding some of its current activities. The Native Council of Prince Edward Island wishes to become strong in its economic development capacity to develop business, tourism, and services for the organization and its members. The council would also like to establish social activities which nurture forth Aboriginal identities, Aboriginal excellence in sports, as well as cultural sensitive programs for children, mother, youth, adults, and Elders. The Native council of Prince Edward Island regards both traditional and contemporary activities as beneficial.

~Holding on to Our Future~

Latest News

Residential Schools Settlement - Offical Court Notice

Personal Credits

View online at http://www.classactionservices.ca/irs/Personal_Credits/PCA-Home.htm

The Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement stipulates that once all Common Experience Payments (CEP) have been made, if more than $40 million remains in the Trust Fund, the funds are to be made available to CEP Recipients, upon application, in the form of non-cash Personal Credits of up to $3,000 each for educational purposes.


  • CEP Recipients will be able to choose to transfer their Personal Credits to certain Family Members as defined in the Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement and the Terms and Conditions;

  • Terms and Conditions for Personal Credits have been developed by Canada and the Assembly of First Nations and by Canada and Inuit Representatives to determine which Education Entities and Groups and which Educational Programs and Services are eligible;

  • Once the Personal Credits have been distributed, any amount remaining in the Trust Fund on June 1, 2015 is to be paid to the National Indian Brotherhood Trust Fund and the Inuvialuit Education Foundation to be used for educational programs.



Important Deadlines


The deadline for CEP recipients to submit a Personal Credits Acknowledgement form has been extended: postmarked by March 9, 2015.

The deadline for educational entities and groups to submit Redemption forms has been extended: postmarked by June 8, 2015.

The deadline for completion of courses or activities supported by Personal Credits has been extended to August 31, 2015, thus allowing additional time to access educational opportunities.


Applying for Personal Credits


In January 2014, a Personal Credits Acknowledgement Form was mailed to each CEP Recipient who has received a CEP payment. The Acknowledgment Form must be completed and returned to the Personal Credits Administrator postmarked no later than March 9, 2015.

If you did not receive your Acknowledgement Form by February 1st, 2014, please call the Personal Credits Help Desk at 1-866-343-1858 or
1-877-627-7027 (TTY).

You will receive a letter by mail once your Acknowledgement Form is received to let you know that we received it.  If we have any questions about your Acknowledgement Form we will contact you by telephone and/or mail so it is important to keep us informed of any changes to your address or telephone numbers. You can contact us: 

By Phone:           1-866-343-1858 or 1-877-627-7027 (TTY)

By Mail:              Personal Credits Administrator

                          Suite 3 - 505, 133 Weber St N Waterloo, ON N2J 3G9

By Fax:               1-888-842-1332

By Email:            IRSPersonalCredits@crawco.ca

Incomplete information may lead to delays or denial of your request for Personal Credits.

You will receive another letter by mail once your Acknowledgement Form has been reviewed. If your Acknowledgement Form is approved, the letter will include a Personal Credits Redemption Form that you, and/or your Family Member(s), will need to provide to the Education Entity and/or Group. The Education Entity and/or Group will then need to fill out the Personal Credits Redemption Form and send it to us in order for the Education Entity and/or Group to receive the value of your Personal Credits.

View online at http://www.classactionservices.ca/irs/Personal_Credits/PCA-Apply.htm

Bring your resume to a SkillsPEI Job Fair

Dear Members,

In considereing job searchs and employment oppotunities, please see the news release below.

For Immediate Release
March 2, 2015

Bring your resume to a SkillsPEI Job Fair

CHARLOTTETOWN, PEI -- Islanders seeking employment opportunities are invited this Wednesday, March 4, to the SkillsPEI Job Fairs, taking place both in Charlottetown and in Summerside, says Minister of Innovation and Advanced Learning Allen Roach.

“The SkillsPEI Job Fair is about better connecting Islanders with available jobs that match their skills, abilities and interests,” said Minister Roach.

Exhibitors will come from a range of industries including investment firms, engineering, IT, sales, aerospace, bioscience, health sector, tourism industry, trucking, administration, skilled trades and management, to name a few.

This Wednesday we are bringing together dozens of employers, who are currently recruiting to fill over 300 available jobs, at two convenient locations,” said Minister Roach. “We are encouraging Islanders who are looking for a job, to bring their resume to one of the SkillsPEI Job Fairs, and be prepared to sit down and talk with possible future employers.”

The SkillsPEI Job Fairs will offer a direct contact recruitment approach, creating face-to-face encounters between real candidates and real companies.

Admission to the SkillsPEI Job Fairs is free. Fairs will run from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. on March 4 at both locations, the Charlottetown Mall in Charlottetown, and Credit Union Place in Summerside.

In addition, on March 13 in Montague, SkillsPEI will be hosting a Kings ****** Seafood Processors Job Fair. This will be an industry specific job fair for the three regional seafood processors who combined will be seeking to hire approximately 225 employees for this season. The Fair will take place at the Riverhouse Inn in Montague from 12 noon to 6 p.m.

For more information visit www.skillspei.com


FSWEP provides full-time students valuable, hands-on work experience related to their field of study and allows for a wealth of learning opportunities. Students obtain fair and equal access to job opportunities across the country. Although students are not required to have previous work experience to apply, they must meet the program’s eligibility criteria.

There are many types of exciting and challenging jobs being offered to both secondary and post-secondary students. These opportunities encompass a wide range of duties and responsibilities as they relate directly and indirectly to providing service to all Canadians. This full spectrum includes office and clerical work, field and lab work, information technology work and working outdoors.

Visit the following link for more information:





Statement from the office regarding Delegate Draws

Greetings Members of the Native Council of Prince Edward Island;

As you are aware, last evening during the Zone Meetings members were asked to sign the following disclaimer: "We gather here today solely to choose delegates for the upcoming Special General Assembly on March 21st 2015.  All concerns, comments, questions, or issues can be brought to your Zone Delegates to be brought to the floor at the Special General Assembly.  This process was chosen due to the dissolution of the Board and Executive in a unanimous vote at the Annual General Assembly on February 1st 2015, by signing you agree to the statement.

Attendance/Members in good standing only."

We, the staff, have been put in the very difficult position to sustain the operations until the new Executive and Board are elected.  In doing so, we are trying to cover all of our basis, there have been several discussions taking place with regards to the Election and its politics.  Given the recent circumstances, and the divide of members, the statement was an attempt to keep the meeting at task and in order.  We are under the understanding that Zone Meetings are to be called by Zone Directors.  Knowing that we had to hold these meetings, so Delegates could be selected and that this was the sole reason for the NCPEI office and its staff to be holding these meetings, we were attempting to make members aware that this was the only item on the agenda.  As you are aware, the staff were only there to facilitate selecting Delegates and could not answer questions.  The statement in the disclaimer that states "all concerns, comments, questions, or issues can be brought to your Zone Delegates to be brought to the floor at the Special General Assembly" has beent taken out of context.  We were simply trying to ensure that members that were at the meetings and may not be attending the Special General Assembly understood the proper venue to have issues raised, and how they could be raised.  This was not done in malice but was done to ensure that members knew that their issues could be raised at the appropriate time and place. At no time and in no place have we portrayed that members have no voice. All members are welcome at the Special General Assembly, all members can speak. Thank you for your understanding and please call our office if there are any questions or concerns. 

~Holding On to Our Future~

NCPEI Management and Staff

AA Meeting ( Addictions Anonymous ) - Youth - Portage Feb.25th 6PM

AA Meeting ( Addictions Anonymous ) - Youth

Portage Satellite Office

Wednesday, February 25th, 2015

6PM to 7PM

The focus is on youth 13-24yrs of age, however, everyone is welcome

to join us for the meeting to discuss addictions and support.

Light refreshments will be provided  !

For more information please contact Marlene at 902-859-1472


 To download a copy of this notice, please click here: newsportage25.pdf


Attached Files:
Delegate Selection Reminder - Meetings at 6PM this evening

Delegate Selection



With no Zone Directors or Executive as per Motion#11 , the Native Council of PEI Main Office has called meetings in each zone, solely to select delegates for the Special Assembly scheduled for March 21st, 2015. Original messaged posted Feb. 4th 2015.

Zone 1 - Portage Satellite Office, February 23rd at 6PM 35262 Western Road, RTE 2 - Portage

Zone 2 - NCPEI Main Office, February 23rd at 6PM

6 F.J. McAulay Court - Charlottetown

Zone 3 - Dr. Roddie Centre, St Peters, February 23rd at 6PM

St. Peters Bay - St. Peters

20 Delegates and 3 alternates per Zone.


reminder feb23 meetings.pdf

Attached Files: