Programs and Services

Telling Our Stories:
Aboriginal Language Initiative (ALI)

Telling Our Stories offers weekly Mi’kmaq language instruction and drumming classes at beginner to intermediate level to all members. The program creates language videos for sharing on social media.

Through the development of these teachings, the ALI has created a resource manual for participants to use to help with learning and comprehension of the Mi’kmaq language. Telling Our Stories meets weekly in all three zones of NCPEI.

On Monday’s Mi’kmaq Language and Drumming is held in St. Peters Bay (Zone 3). On Wednesdays it is held in Charlottetown (Zone 2), and on Thursdays Mi’kmaq language and Drumming is out in Portage (Zone 1).

This schedule ensures that all the members of NCPEI have the access and ability to participate in these cultural activities, creating a greater connection to the Mi’kmaq community and culture as a result.

Telling Our Stories provides members with the opportunity to learn the Mi’kmaq language while being involved in culturally relevant activities. The resource manual and videos provide material for ongoing language education.

Participation in this program helps members reclaim traditional languages, as well as ensure the revitalization of the Mi’kmaq language.

Language and Drumming Coordinator
Phone: (902) 629-1541