Connecting Conversations:
Indigenous Language & Drumming Activities

Connecting Conversations offers Mi’kmaq language instruction and drumming classes from beginner to intermediate levels to off-reserve Indigenous people across PEI. Weekly classes are held in all three of the zones, with a schedule that ensures all members of NCPEI have the access and ability to participate in the
language program. This program also produces weekly language videos that are shared on NCPEI social media pages, as well as the Language and Drumming YouTube Channel to help increase engagement, awareness, and learning within the community.
Although primarily offered in Mi’kmaq, speakers of other Indigenous languages will be invited to participate by sharing their language during classes. This will promote recognition of the diversity of the Indigenous population on PEI.
Through the development of these teachings, the NCPEI Language and Drumming program creates resource manuals that participants can use to aid in the learning and comprehension of the Mi’kmaq language. The resource manual and accompanying audio or video resources, as well as the Language and Drumming YouTube channel provide material for ongoing language education. Participation in this program helps members reclaim traditional Indigenous languages ensuring the revitalization of the Mi’kmaq language, creating a greater connection to the Islands Indigenous community and culture.

Schedule of Events:

Monday Evening- Zone 1 in Summerside

Tuesday Evening- Zone 3 in St. Peters

Wednesday Evening- Zone 2 in Charlottetown

Thursday Evening – Online class

Language and Drumming Coordinator
Phone: (902) 629-1541