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St. Chrysostome Aquatic Ecosystem Monitoring
In 2005, the Province of Prince Edward Island deeded to the Native Council approximately 313 acres of fforested coastal wetlands and forested uplands, known as the St. Chrysostome Wildlife Management Area. This area is very diverse in its many ecosystems and home to a variety of habitats including various forest stands, wetlands, streams, an estuary, sandy coastlines, and a saltwater marsh.

This project will conduct thorough aquatic ecosystem monitoring surveys to identify fish species present as well as habitat conditions. It will provide detailed scientifically collected data about the Wildlife Management Area and inform the Council of the long-term goals needed for protection, conservation, and
management of the land.

Acoustic Bat and Shore Bird Monitoring
This project is aimed at conducting surveys, inventories and monitoring of Little Brown Mytosis and Northern Mytosis as well as Piping Plovers and Bank Swallows in the areas of Panmure/Gaspereaux and Victoria West with the goal of strengthening the capacity to conserve and increase knowledge of these
endangered and threatened species.

Striped Bass Life Stages Survey
Striped Bass population dropped significantly in the early 90’s causing the commercial, recreation and Indigenous fishery to close. Through the engagement and participation of community members, this project aims at the discovery of spawning locations of the Striped Bass leading to improved management
practices and recovery strategies to prevent another population decline.

Ongoing Projects:

Environment and Climate Change Canada Aboriginal Fund for Species at Risk (ECCC-AFSAR)

  • Myotis (bats) and Shore Bird Survey Project (St. Chrysostome WMA, Panmure Cultural Park) [2022-2024]

Fisheries and Oceans Aboriginal Fund for Species at Risk (DFO-AFSAR)

  • Striped Bass (Morone saxatilis) Life Stages PEI Survey Project (Continuation) [2023-2024]


Completed Projects:

Fisheries and Oceans Indigenous Habitat Partcipation Program (DFO-IHPP)

  • NCPEI Stewardship Project- St. Chrysostome Aquatic Ecosystem Monitoring [2021-2023]

Fisheries and Oceans Aboriginal Fund for Species at Risk (DFO-AFSAR)

  • Striped Bass (Morone saxatilis) Life Stages PEI Survey Project [2022-2023]

If you would like to learn more about our current or ongoing projects, please scan this QR code to access additional documentation such as final reports, photos, etc. within a google drive folder.

If you have any questions about any of our environmental programs  contact:

Jordan Crane – Fisheries Manager

614 North River Road, Charlottetown, PE




Clara Jane Wood – Environmental Coordinator

35262 Western Road, Portage, PE